Services offered for Cattle

Herd Health

    • Complete vaccination programs customized for each ranch.
    • We routinely re-evaluate our vaccine programs to reflect current research.
    • Veterinarians and staff available for preweaning and weaning vaccine administration.
    • Strategic deworming programs tailored to parasite burden of each ranch.
    • Brucellosis vaccination (also known as calfhood or bangs vaccination).


    • Cesarean Delivery
    • Toe amputation
    • Eye enucleation/cancer eye removal
    • Prepuce laceration repair
    • Epididymectomy/gomer bull
    • Tumor removal
    • Cosmetic dehorn
    • Urethral urolith removal/”waterbelly” surgery
    • Liver biopsies


    • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis – includes fetal aging and fetal sexing
    • Heifer development programs
    • Pelvic Measurement
    • Reproductive tract scoring
    • Synchronization programs
    • Artificial insemination
    • Embryo transfer
    • Herd bull selection/genetic consultation
    • Bull breeding soundness examination


    • Winter feed management
    • Heifer development rations
    • Feedlot and backgrounding rations
    • Trace mineral analysis

Production Management

    • SPA analysis and consulting
    • Production record consulting